About Us

At Fahey & Walsh we are committed to forming close partnerships with our clients, enabling us to understand your individual situations and assist your business in becoming financially successful as well as satisfying all your financial obligations to regulatory authorities.

We customise the assistance we provide to suit your requirements. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our hardworking team and the exceptional service we offer.

Our enthusiasm for our work means you get a friendly team of professionals eager to use their expertise to help you succeed! To help you get to know our team a little better and what drives us, have a read below. We pride ourselves on our varied strengths and interests, allowing us to relate to people from all walks of life.

Our Mission:

Every Day we empower and enable our clients to be more successful in what they do.

Our Vision:

The quality of our team and our reputation for making a difference will set us apart from all others. We will become the leading advisory firm in our region.

Our Values:

  • Integrity & Trust – we always give advice that we would give our own children.
  • Leadership & Innovation – if there is a better way, we will find it and implement it.
  • Mentoring & Perseverance – we will never quit on those that deserve our guidance.
  • Enjoyment & Fun – we enjoy our environment, and our client relationships.